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The official website of Changzhou Senmet Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is officially launched

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Corporate culture: technological innovation is people-oriented

   We chase technological innovation, and we respect talents more; enterprise development cannot do without technological innovation, and technological innovation cannot do without people.

  Company management: transparent, open, stick to, keep

  We require the board of directors and company managers to have a sense of responsibility and maintain transparency in their work; we also expect that everyone in the company can be honest and upright, abide by ethics; stick to the development plan and policy formulated by the company, and maintain that entrepreneurial passion.

  Company occupation: Echelon construction of cutting-edge talents

We have always believed that cutting-edge equipment is priceless, and cutting-edge talents are priceless; we will always regard employees as the company’s greatest competitive advantage; on the development of the company, our employees will continue to develop innovative technologies and launch high-quality products , So as to promote the company's sustainable development and occupy a market position in the industry.

  Company Profile:

   We were established in July 2020 in the environment where the country vigorously promotes localization; in such an environment, there are unlimited opportunities and unlimited competition;

  Our development direction is high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design and marketing. Products can cover all types of electronic equipment and industrial equipment;

  Our aim: to contribute to the country’s semiconductor development

  our perspective:

           1. Dare to innovate: Reverse design is survival, and only positive design that solves needs through innovation, continuous learning and communication with customers is the long-term road to development

           2. Dare to try: only when we can listen to and tolerate different voices and innovative cultures, we can achieve development

          3. Dare to act: We should encourage employees to dare to innovate and be able to evaluate risks to make decisions

           4. Dare to serve: We need to establish long-term win-win relationships with customers, partners, employees, etc.

           5. Dare to share: When we achieve success, we must share our success with our customers, employees and investors

           6. Dare to face: the process of development is difficult, we must always maintain execution to face all kinds of difficulties

   We are "children" in the semiconductor industry, but "children" grow the fastest, have the strongest interest in learning, and have the strongest exploration spirit. We believe that through the company of time we will stand at the top of the "children".

  Social responsibility:

        1. Product aspects: ①Environmental protection: Our company adopts the principle of not accepting, not manufacturing, and not flowing out for RoHS control. Each material used in the product requires the supplier to pass the international authoritative third-party testing and certification (such as: SGS certification body) , Strictly control the restricted use of 10 hazardous substances listed in RoHS2.0, including: lead (Pb)<0.1%, cadmium (Cd) <0.01%, mercury (Hg) <0.1%, hexavalent chromium (CrVI) < 0.1%, polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) <0.1%, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) <0.1%, bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) <0.1%, tolyl phthalate Butyl ester (BBP) <0.1%, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) <0.1%, diisoJ phthalate (DIBP) <0.1%. The daily incoming material control is based on the supplier's technical specifications and documents, and the internal IQC department conducts random inspections and quality monitoring and control. At the same time, the procurement department must specify the ROHS requirements for restraint management when signing the contract, stipulate corresponding penalties, and even use relevant laws to restrict it. ②Performance: We will continue to innovate in terms of power consumption and volume, so that we can do our best in energy saving and materials. We believe that this little force can also play a very important role with our development.

2. In terms of operation: We encourage employees to buy less or even not to buy products with landfill waste; try to take public transportation or buy new energy vehicles during business trips or commuting. We plan to continue to increase charging during the company's development. The number of piles provides subsidies to employees who purchase new energy vehicles; we have clear requirements for saving electricity and reusing paper in the daily office process, and our employees are doing their part for the society.

  Development history: We were established in 2020 and started the research and development of interface products

   The laboratory we established in 2021 guarantees the quality of the company’s products and has increased the research and development of detection chips and protection chips

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