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Senmet provides a variety of different RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 transceivers to meet a variety of application requirements. The RS-232 specification supports the reliable transmission of data from a transmitter to a receiver at a data rate of up to 20kbps within a relatively short distance (^50 feet). With the newer RS-232 transceiver chip, a data rate of up to 1Mbps can be achieved in a shorter distance (up to 5 feet). The RS-485 specification meets the requirements of a true multipoint communication network, and the RS-422 specification meets the simplex multi-branch standard.

  RS-485/422 transceiver has integrated ESD protection up to 20kVIEC61000-4-2 contact discharge protection and 20kVHBM protection, reducing cost and board space by eliminating external protection

  RS-485/422 transceiver has high bus fault protection on the data pin and has a wide common mode voltage, designed for protection and execution in harsh industrial environments.

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