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Instrumentation and measurement

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data collection

   The data acquisition system can accurately capture the signals generated by electronic devices and sensors for real-time processing, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, automatic testing and data recording. Senmet provides various data acquisition system solutions suitable for different dimensions and sensor interfaces. Specifically:

  1. High-resolution Σ-ΔADC and successive approximation ADC for precision signal acquisition

  2, high-speed pipeline analog-to-digital converter, used for waveform digitizing converter (in research)

  3, precision DAC and direct digital frequency synthesizer for analog output and signal generation (in research)

  DC source and power supply

  Precision DC source and programmable power supply are both highly reliable and low-noise devices, dedicated to setting accurate bias levels and providing high-quality power rails for sensitive electronic testing. In order to meet the challenges of high-efficiency power supply conditioning, accuracy and fast voltage rail timing control, Sumite's product series include:

  1, linear regulator LDO

  2, module power supply/DC-DC

  Our product series can realize topology and system partition, and optimize performance and cost at any power level.


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